Privacy Policy

Definition of Personal Information

We define personal information as any particular information regarding a single individual that can be used to identify the individual, including name, birth date, sex, telephone number, e-mail address, and occupation.

【Personal Information Collection and Uses】

This company gathers and uses personal information for the following and closely related purposes Personal information that is gathered and used by this company is voluntarily provided by the customer. Because personal information has been voluntarily provided by the customer, this company adheres to the original policy of information use that the customer consented to. ・When making inquiries, confirmations, etc. necessary in completing business affair ・Correspondence regarding a variety of inquiries

【Monetary Offers by Outsiders to Obtain Customers’ Personal Information】

In accordance with laws and precedents, under no circumstances does this company disclose or offer the customer’s personal information to third parties before asking permission without fully justified reason.

【Management of Personal Information】

In order to prevent the leakage of personal information and subsequent damage caused, this company has an established personal information safeguard manager, sufficiently built-up security, and quality management to keep the newest and most accurate information. Furthermore, the representative director of the company promises that the manager of personal information protection will properly teach all employees the proper way to safeguard personal information

【Inquiring About the Contents of Personal Information, Amending Personal Information and Deleting Personal Information】

In the event that the customer would like to make an inquiry about, amend, or delete previously supplied personal information, we will do our best to speedily yet rationally deal with the customers wishes.

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