Company Name : TOKYOSTAY Ltd
Etablished  : April 2009
Representative Director Suzuki Yosuke
Location : Zip :170-0004   TokyoStay office 8F, 2-27-3, Kita-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Number of Employees : 14(including part time workers)
Telephone Number/FAX/Email : 03-5980-9621/03-5980-9624/
Business Premise : Operation and Management of Guest Houses and Apartments Intended for Foreigners Operator of Bar Speakeasy Operation of Foreign Language School
Business Hours : Guesthouses and Apartments  Mon-Sat 10AM to 6PM(24 Hours Service for Tenant Emergencies) BAR SPEAKEASY Mon-Sun  6PM to Midnight
Chief Clients : Autrement le Japon (ALJ), TOSHIN Language School, EURASIAM, COTO Language Academy, EIMA school (formerly Toulouse Manga), Tokyo International Japanese School, Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation, KAI Japanese Language School
Transactions : Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Otsuka Branch Asahi Shinkin Bank Otsuka Branch

Otsuka Station (Yamanote line) North exit to office will take less than 3 minutes


Guesthouses location