SYSTEM | 5 standards of satisfaction of Tokyostay

  • Minimum stay is one month.(negotiation is possible)
  • No key money, no agent fee, no guarantor.
  • Check In time is from 4PM. If you arrive earlier you can leave your luggage at our office for free. Check Out time is at 10AM. You can leave the keys at our office or at our office’s mailbox.
  • The deposit will be subtracted for 5,000 yen as the cleaning fee when you leave.
  • Utilitises and Internet fees are included.
  • Entirely furnished and equipped.

FEATURES | Why should you choose Tokyostay?

  • Almost all accomodations are situated less than 5 minutes from stations.
  • Guesthouses are not overcrowded, they have in average 2 to 6 bedrooms.
  • Common spaces are clean, a cleaner comes every week.
  • You can meet international tenants and locals in our International Bar Speakeasy in Otsuka, one of the most famous international bars in Tokyo.

SERVICE | Friendly service

    • For safety : 24/7 Emergency service in English, and Japanese.
    • For convenience : Pick up service, upon your arrival, we pick you up at the nearest station.
    • For networking : Free drink tickets in Bar Speakeasy, all tenants receive two free drink tickets every month and special arrangements to organise their parties in the Bar Speakeasy

ACCOMMODATION TYPE | Tokyostay offers 3 types of rooms to choose from


2 to 6 people share a common living area within a house or apartement, while having a private room. All houses are furnished with beds, beddings, desks, chairs, and air conditioner/heating units. While a private room is guaranteed, the bathroom, shower, and living room is shared by all tenants of the house. Additionally, the friendly guesthouse environment provides a great opportunity to make new friends and connections from Japan and around the world.


An apartment is the perfect place for someone who prefers to live alone. In an apartment, you’ll never have to share a shower or toilet with others. As with the guesthouses, apartments are fully furnished with beds, beddings, desks, chairs, air conditioner/heating units, a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, toaster, pots, pans, tableware and more.


2 to 4 people share a large room in a dormitory. Each bed has a curtain to partition the room for privacy. Additionally, all beds feature a bed lamp for reading. As with the guesthouses and apartments, the dormitory features all the essential furnishings.

CONTRACT PROCEDURES | Step-by-step rental contract Procedures

  • Application

    Fill out and send an inquiry form.
  • Contract

    Wait for a confirmation e-mail or phone call. After meeting with one of our representatives, fill out an application. After we have completed a move-in inspection, we will contact you. At that time, a move-in date will be decided.
  • Move-in

    On the move-in date, please bring with you the calculated per-day rent from the move-in date to the end of the month and the 50,000 yen deposit. At that time, we will give you the keys.
  • Payment

    Monthly payment for the rent must be done before the end of the previous month. Payments can be made in three ways: – At TOKYOSTAY office If you pay at TOKYOSTAY office, two drink tickets of SPEAKEASY will be provided after your payment. – At SPEAKEASY You can make the payment from 18:00 till 24:00 at the lounge, but no drink tickets will be provided there. – Bank Transfer You can directly transfer the payment into our company bank account. According to the Japanese law, a 14.6% of penalty charge will apply to the rent if a guest fails to pay on time.

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